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Archive for February, 2007

As the busy travel season imminently approaches Puerto Penasco, Rocky Point house rentals and Rocky Point condo reservations are heating up. Because of this, we feel it is a good time to update our readers on the status of the Coastal Highway. What is the coastal highway project? Read on to find out more!
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  • SPRING BREAK: For everybody emailing me with questions about SPRING BREAK 2007 - I don't mind fielding your emails, but do me a favor and make sure you read the 'Spring Break 2007' page first.

    I am confident this page answers a stunning majority of the repeat questions I keep answering over email. Thanks.

  • p.s. don't miss our photo gallery from Spring Break 2006.

    p.p.s. If you're on the UofA campus, check this out. There's an interesting statistic in there re: '30 to 50 Americans are arrested' every year during Spring Break. Considering the official estimates are 60k visitors per break, I suppose that's pretty good ...

    ( 03.10.2007 - see also...)

    Hey! I got quoted in today's Arizona Republic! :)

    Puerto Penasco You know, by this time I was hoping to have .. how to put this ... 'digitally liberated' a copy of the Biker Build-Off episode that was filmed in Puerto Penasco during the Rocky Point Rally, but right now my internet kung-fu is failing me. If anybody out there has a Tivo'd copy they want to share, drop me a line.

    In the meantime - there's always YouTube - which is where I found this ten minute Rocky Point Rally video that is pretty awesome in its own right. Check it out here.

    (There's also this one and this one (ouch) and this one ... but I could eat up your whole day with Youtube links. That site just kills my productivity, every time.)

    Tim Mello is prolific as ever, this time checking in with Mi Casa Es Su Casa - the first in his 'Lighthouse' series - and Navigating The Real Estate Landscape in Mexico, both of which are fresh takes on the investing/homeowning angle that you all keep emailing me about and I am horrible about answering. Be sure and check them out.

    Here's another interesting tidbit that could come in handy - it looks like Homeland Security, in a stunning display of common sense, is going to drop the upcoming passport rules for children under the age of 18, making cross-border vacationing about $85 cheaper per kid. (That's roughly ... 10 margaritas/kid, in my book. Woohoo!)

    Puerto Penasco, or "Rocky Point" as it is commonly referred to in the U.S., is one of the fastest growing real estate markets and tourist hot spots in Mexico. Rocky Point, which is less than 100 miles south of the border, is entering into the high-end vacation destination category currently captured by Cabo San Lucas and Acapulco.
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    There's a great audio interview at thestory.org with Rafe Sagarin, one of the researchers who retraced John Steinbeck's expedition in the Mexican Sea of Cortez back in 2004.

    In 2004, Rafe Sagarin ... joined a group of scientists who returned to the Sea of Cortez. Dick Gordon talks with Rafe about the changes they saw. Rafe argues that the kinds of observations Steinbeck and Ricketts recorded 70 years ago now provide critical data in understanding environmental changes like global warming. His conversation with Dick also shows that science and literature may have something to offer one another.

    I've mentioned the project before, but this interview is an absolutely fascintating look at both the Sea Of Cortez and the methodologies employed the modern researchers to use Steinbeck's data from so long ago.

    (To hear the audio, click the Listen button in the upper lefthand corner of thestory.org)

    Also, somewhat in the same vein: see Toxic Dump Debate (and part 2), a wrapup article on the proposed toxic waste dump in Sonora. The idea has pissed off pretty much everybody except the organization that proposed putting it there in the first place and raised fears of water contamination and other environmental ruin.

    Today's Arizona Daily Star contains an article all about Penasco titled 'Tucson's beach' is booming'. It's an interesting look at some of the effects all the development and growth is having on the city.

    PUERTO PENASCO, SONORA - In days past, RVs and tents were about the only forms of lodging dotting the long stretch of Sandy Beach, west of downtown Rocky Point.

    They're now joined by a new, permanent and much taller presence: luxury condo towers.

    Condo developments are turning Rocky Point - a town that started as home to shrimpers and fishermen and grew into a hideaway for U.S. expatriates and a college-student party spot - into a booming tourist center. No place symbolizes this growth more than Sandy Beach, the approximately 5-mile stretch of sand west of town that just a few years ago had no permanent homes...

    You can read the full article here.

    Also ... so who's buying the Laguna Del Mar land?

    Reservations at the Point has increased its available offerings to give its customers even more choices.  Reservations at the Point, the number one choice to make Reservations in Rocky Point, has added Rocky Point beach homes, PLaya Bonita Resort, Laos Mar hotel, and Penasco Del Sol Hotel.
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  • SPRING BREAK: For everybody emailing me with questions about SPRING BREAK 2007 - I don't mind fielding your emails, but do me a favor and read the 'Spring Break 2007' page first. I'm confident this page answers a stunning majority of the questions I am getting in email. Thanks.
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  • NEW FROM TIM MELLO: Check out Tim Mello's new additions - RV Parks Morph into Seaside Pearls and Chatting on the Streets/'Charlando en Los Calles'.

    Don't forget his special report on Nascent Foodservice's move into Penasco, either, which he has updated with photos from their grand opening.

  • BIKER BUILD OFF - remember when the Discovery Channel's 'Biker Build Off' show shot a bunch of footage during the 2006 Rocky Point Rally? Well, the episode finally airs Feb 22, 2007 (the show is on TLC now) check out the press release here, from the bikerpics.org* blog. [* - bikerpics.org isn't exactly work-safe, if you get what I'm saying, so click accordingly :) ]

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  • DISCOVERSONORA.COM - Discoversonora.com is back in business! You may remember this absolutely stunning photography/travel magazine from a while back. Their website disappeared for a while and I assumed that all was lost, which would have been a shame - however, not only is discoversonora.com back in business, but all of their issues are available online as PDF's - and they're gorgeous. Editor and publisher Gustavo Ybarra tells me new issues are on the way for 2008, and I can't wait to see them.
  • SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE ON THE VAQUITA MARINA: If you have even a passing interest in the Sea of Cortez, take ten minutes out of your day and read this article, and be sure to check out their slideshow as well.

    NY TIMES ON THE VAQUITA MARINA: 02/18/2007 - And now, the NY Times chimes in , with Vaquita Porpoise, and a Way of Life, Face Extinction

    GOLFO DE SANTA CLARA, Mexico — The fishermen gathered in the early evening light where the desert meets the blue gulf to talk over the way they had always lived off the sea and the fate of a small, endangered porpoise few of them had ever seen. Environmentalists from the United States and Mexico had begged the fishermen to stop using the gill nets that are killing off La Vaquita, or the little cow, a porpoise that now has the dubious distinction of being one of the most endangered marine mammals in the world...
    Here's the article