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Archive for September, 2007

Let's see if I can break the record for the longest Puerto-Penasco.com news post ever:

First up: Here's a new edition of De Frente:

  • Aerolitoral's First Hermosillo-Puerto Penasco Flight Makes History
  • Highway 85 And Lukeville's Checkpoint
  • Excessive Competition Is Detrimental For Beer Business
  • Penasco Inaugurates New Tourism Industry Academy
  • Local Fisherman Fight For Rights To Pier Concessions
  • PFP Intensifying Highway Patrols
  • Check 'em out over at defrente.puerto-penasco.com

    The Border Conference is just about to gear up ...

    Rocky Point Mexico Speaking of big news, the Border Governor's Conference kicks off September 25-27, 2007. Governors, businessfolk and other well-connected and cash-heavy individuals from all over the border states - Arizona, Baja California, California, Coahuila, Chihuahua, Nuevo Leon, New Mexico, Sonora, and Texas - will be meeting in Puerto Peñasco and discussing a wide, wide array of issues that will effect the border states for many years to come.

    There's a lot of power about to amass in Puerto Penasco, and the sheer fact that this event is being held here means that Peñasco has entered a whole new level of influence and importance. A lot of attention is about to focus on this little town ...

    I honestly wish I could be there. I never used to care much for politics, but I've come to realize that once you slog through all the bad parts, there's some good things that can happen. Plus, Felipe Calderon's supposed to be there, and I missed his last visit. (Also, I could use the excuse to get the heck out of the office, but unfortunately it ain't happening.)

    If you are attending the Border Conference, and would like to share your thoughts and/or photos, please drop me a line.

    p.s. 09.28.2007 - Here's some news coverage:

  • "Anger over border backups boils over at U.S.-Mexico conference"
  • "U.S., Mexican states seek border solutions" in USA Today, and
  • "Gov says she'll grill Chertoff over 'virtual' border fence delays" in the Daily Star.
  • "US security chief calls crime gangs serious threat to Mexican government"
  • "Mexican president sees immigration inevitable"
  • "Blog: Thoughts from the Border Governors Conference" (with video. Really, really bad Phoenix news video that makes me want to slap somebody in the bits for thinking that is somehow journalism.)
  • "Governors straddle fence on several border issues"
  • "Mexico criticises US border plans"
    Puerto Penasco Help Mark Raise Money For Puerto Peñasco's schools

    Here's another neat fundraiser to put on your radar - Mark with RockyPointBoatTrips.com has started RockyPointClassroom.com, an "Adopt a Classroom" non-profit to help supply Puerto Peñasco's elementary schools. They're asking for supplies (see their supplies wanted list) as well as cash donations, 100% of which go to the schools.

    Mark's also going to attempt to swim the entire length of Sandy Beach as a promotional fundraiser, so you may see him out there these days, doing laps. Say hello to him and pledge some cash, if you can.

    Puerto Peñasco Business Blogging

    Rocky Point Here's some more neat reading: Paul Kingsley - a developer with Primestone Mexico - has been living in Puerto Peñasco and blogging about his various experiences with life and business south of the border over at puertopenascopost.com.

    Paul is a lawyer by trade who now "spends a majority of his time in Puerto Peñasco ... developing real estate and enjoying the excellent late-night tacos". I have to say, I'm a bit jealous ...

    Paul recently posted advance photos of the town's preparations for the upcoming Border Governor's Conference, and he's got a number of articles from an insider's perspective on things like business tips, lawyers, passports, and travel.

    It's a neat blog - keep an eye on it.

    Rocky Point Motorcycle Ride & Dive - Oct 12&14th Rocky Point Mexico

    And, lastly, in the 'two things I never really expected someone to combine' category, Joe with N-depth scuba emailed to let me know about the Rocky Point Motorcycle Ride & Dive happening on Oct 12th & 14th.

    They'll be riding from the N-depth shop in Phoenix to Puerto Peñasco on Friday, and shore diving on Saturday. So, if you see a pack of bikes heading down the highway with scuba tanks strapped on the back, pay them no mind ...

    (See also their flier art for the event, which, I have to admit, does in fact successfully combine a scuba-tank wearing, motorcycle-riding skeleton on a Harley. On fire. Somewhere out there, there's a graphic designer who earned his keep on this one, and I salute them.)

    As always, I'm available at info@puerto-penasco.com if you feel like dropping me a line. Adios!

  • From the L.A. Times's Real estate regrets in Mexico (reprinted in the Baltimore Sun)

    PLAYAS DE ROSARITO, Mexico - The ripples of the U.S. real estate boom began washing up on the shores of this beach town a few years ago. Californians, feeling flush from the steep run-up in housing values stateside, pulled equity from their primary homes and snapped up vacation properties in northern Baja California as if they were buying $10 lobster dinners.

    We nearly had ... fistfights" over choice units, said Michael Coskey, sales director of the Residences at Playa Blanca, ... "We were all appealing to people's greed."

    Greed has turned to regret for some investors who now can't sell their Mexican properties.

    Upward of 40 percent of the condos in some northern Baja projects were purchased by flippers who intended to resell before construction was finished...

    But with contagion from the U.S. subprime mortgage debacle spooking many would-be purchasers and credit drying up, the Baja real estate market is flagging. Speculators are starting to sweat.

    Speculators likewise are smarting in Puerto Penasco, also known as Rocky Point, a beach resort in Sonora state 60 miles south of the Arizona border on the Sea of Cortez, also called the Gulf of California.

    Egged on by soaring real estate prices at home, Arizonans snatched up Puerto Penasco condos at "crazy" prices that topped $1 million for some penthouses, according to Dee Brooks, owner of Twin Dolphins Real Estate in Rocky Point.

    She said many flippers haven't been able to sell their units. Meanwhile, the rental market is so saturated that most can't cover their costs by leasing their properties.

    Here's the whole story.

    On the other hand ... Penasco's getting more investment dollars from Spain.

    Puerto Penasco From Raminova Announces Expansion Plan in the Americas

    Raminova announces plans to invest approximately $650 million in tourism-related projects in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Panama City, Panama; Los Cabos, Mexico; and Puerto Penasco, Mexico, within the next year.

    Raminova's expansion plan, as well as its first project in the Dominican Republic, Cana Bay Beach Club & Golf Resort, is featured in this month's issue of Smart Money magazine...

    Raminova is a partnership between the Ramirez Group, a 75-year-old real estate developing company, and Caixanova, one of Spain's largest financial institutions.

    Here's the full release, and here's a followup from GlobeSt.com

    At the moment I'm unaware If Raminova has anything to do with Salvago Mexico - the subgroup of the Spanish utility Iberdrola that bought Laguna Del Mar a while back - other than the fact that they're both located in Spain.

    Rocky Point As you may know, CEDO is in the middle of a fundraising effort to raise $250,000 to secure the property they've been sitting on for 27 years. If you don't know the backstory on this one, here are a few points of reference.

    I'm now going to do my damndest to get you to donate to CEDO, and here's why:

    In 1994, when I was a clueless new freshman at the University of Arizona, friends brought me to Puerto Peñasco for my very first visit. As a native Ohioan, I had already fallen, hard, for Arizona and the Southwest, and the same thing happened the moment we drove into Puerto Peñasco. From then on, it was all about Mexico.

    My friends learned about Peñasco through CEDO, via a biology class at the U of A. They, like me, were introduced to the Sonoran region and the Sea Of Cortez and all the beautiful squishy aquatic lifeforms it had to offer from this class, which culminated in a weekend trip to CEDO.

    Needless to say, I fell in love with the place, and CEDO became a bit of a touchstone over the years. On every trip down to Peñasco we'd swing by CEDO and check things out, say hello, check up on how much Las Conchas was growing, and hit the beach. Amidst all the construction and growth and craziness we watched over the years, CEDO was still there. And it always should be.

    When CEDO hit their legal troubles with the encroachment upon their facility, it seemed to me like 'Step 1' from a manual titled "How to ruin Puerto Peñasco in 3 easy steps". If you've read my site for any amount of time, you'll know the issue hit close to home.

    Now that CEDO has a negotiated agreement over their land, they need some financial help to lock in the deal. Right now they're trying to raise $100k by the end of October.

    CEDO does valuable work, work nobody else can do, and it serves an increasingly important role in keeping Puerto Peñasco the kind of place you want to keep visiting.

    To understand why this is, just check the newest issue of De Frente, in "Warning Signs In Our Local Ecosystem". Or read Mitra Taj's excellent article "Environmentalists vs. Luxury Developers". Or read about CEDO's work protecting Penasco's precious estuaries. The list goes on and on and on and on...

    This is, of course, to say nothing of the introduction and education CEDO has given to countless students, visitors, and Puerto Peñasco lovers over their long 27 year stint.

    So I'm sitting down to write them a check, and it would be awesome if you could do the same. Donations are tax deductible - so why not whack a nice fat chunk off of your 2007 tax liability and help CEDO - and Puerto Peñasco - at the same time?

    The easiest way to donate is online, by going to: http://www.cedointercultural.org/aboutcedo.htm. Checks can also be dropped off at the CEDO field station from 9-5, Monday through Saturday - or mailed to:

    PO Box 44208
    Tucson AZ 85733

    You can also contact CEDO directly at (520) 320-5473 or info@cedointercultural.org for more information.

    Thanks for reading. I hope you'll join me in donating to CEDO.

    -bhance, Sunday, Sept. 2, 2007