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Topic: Re: Mota's transportation and experience
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This is posted on behalf of a reader who saw the news about Mota's being popped for, well ... doing lots of things besides driving people to Puerto Penasco (See: http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/business/articles/0808biz-rockypoint0808.html )


At this point, all I can do is laugh. I wanted to share my story and experience. On or around the last week of July, I called to make a reservation with Mota's transportation. I had never traveled into Mexico unless it was in a personal car or by plane. This time around, I was going to travel by plane to Las Vegas from Los Angeles, Aug 3-Aug 6. On Aug 6, I would continue on to Phoenix, where I was to meet up with my family in Puerto Penasco at the Mayan Palace via Mota’s Transporte. Arriving via taxi, I called Mota’s offices on Van Buren to ask for directions and found a weird message and no answer. I thought perhaps they are getting ready to leave and no one is available to answer the phone. (Yeah, wishful thinking!) I finally arrived about 20 minutes before the scheduled 2pm departure. Entering the plaza, where the offices are located, I found no shuttles. I walked up to the door and it was locked. I tried the other door and it too was locked. I finally peeped through the dirty glass and saw an empty office.

My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach. What the hell happened? And more importantly, what the hell was I going to do? Here was a single, cute, female tourist standing in the ghettos of Phoenix with a dying cell phone and no idea how to get to Mexico. I thought, “I'm too cute to die!” Wink After the initial shock, I saw a sign in the window with a phone number. I called and they said they could pick me up. I waited no more than two minutes when a van pulled up. A woman, who had been traveling with her daughters, was getting off the van. I asked her what she thought of their services. After all, I had no clue where this van had come from or where it was going. She said it was safe and she had just been shuttled over from Sonoyta. I started talking to the driver and when I said, “Wow you guys got here fast!” He said, “Oh I didn't know I was picking you up.” I pointed to the sign and he said, "Oh that's not us". Again, my heart was in the pit of the stomach. What the hell?!? Who are you? Apparently, he happened to be dropping off this woman and her daughters, who had been left behind in Sonoyta by Mota’s. Ahhh, great now what? Do I get on? Do I wait for the other shuttle? All of a sudden flashes of my mother telling me, "Never get into a strangers car" began to flood my mind. I saw visions of dead young women. I thought, "Geez, my mama is gonna be pretty pissed off at me if I get killed". So, I had a decision to make. Either I could stand there, cry, and go home or I could get on and hope that God leads me to safety!

I got on! This shuttle (Transporte something or other...I'll send their contact so you can update your website) went to their offices only a couple blocks down from Motas. I waited about an hour and half and finally was on my way to Puerto Penasco. OH but wait! After about 15 min, I asked the driver what time he thought we would get into Puerto Penasco. "Puerto Penasco? Oh I only go to the border." WHAT?!? And what do I do from there? He said, "Don't worry; I'm going to help find you a way to Puerto!"

I traveled the 3 or so hours to Sonoyta. My heart pounding out of my chest as we got closer to the border. I knew once we crossed the border into Mexico there is no turning back. I had no cell service and basically traveling blindly. Once we arrived to their offices, he said "YOU WAIT HERE!" Awwww, my heart started pounding even harder! I thought, "No. Maybe I should get off with everyone else." But finally, there was a voice from the back of the shuttle. It was an old couple also looking to travel to Puerto. A sigh of relief! Finally, someone I could tag along with! Another voice, said, "I'm traveling to Puerto too!" YES! We'll be safer in numbers! The driver said if he didn't have travelers going back to Phoenix he would take us to Puerto!

Unfortunately, no luck! He had passengers. In the meanwhile, he took us over to Mota's, who were still operating and doing business in Mexico. Their shuttle left at 715p, which was about an hour and a half later. He then took us over to ABC Transporte and their shuttle had just left 15 min prior. Ugh! So now we would have to wait.

At 710p, we bored the Mota's shuttle and were on our way to Puerto. Finally, I thought, I can relax. Oh but wait, there’s more! We drove pretty quickly through the scenic desert view. The beautiful hazy sun began to set over the dusty horizon. The earth turned black and you could literally touch the stars as they brightly popped in the dark sky. I could barely see the twinkle of lights in the far distance. But the beautiful dark sky and the bright stars only worried me more. Had my family received my messages? Did they know I was still going to arrive? I only hoped that my mother called my father back in the states to ask about my whereabouts!

We arrived as scheduled, 830pm, at the TNS bus stop. This is a bus stop? It looked more like a hut! I felt like I'd arrived onto an old Western movie set. I asked the two men sitting inside where I could find a phone. Luckily, I had bought a phone card in Sonoyta. They pointed out towards the street and said it was next door. The phone looked as if someone had taken a blow torch and set it on fire! I tried it anyway. Of course, my call would not go through. At this point, I was truly truly nervous and scared. Tears wanted to bust out of my big brown eyes but knew I had to wait! The old couple I had met on the shuttle was getting into a taxi. The taxi driver said, "Donde va?" I yelled, "The Mayan Palace." He said, "Get in, I'll take you."

I was standing on the curb looking at him and then the road. I looked at him and looked at the road. Would I have the same fate? If I got into this taxi, would I arrive to my final destination all in one piece? As I lifted my foot to step off the curb, I gave the road a finally look, hoping that I would see my sister’s SUV. Music began to play, as I saw the white shadowy halo outlining the black SUV. Could it be? Would it be my saviors? YES! I saw the 2007 black Ford Expedition ride through the dusty black smoke like a cowboy galloping on his black stallion. Later, I was told that the smile on my face was so big it illuminated in the darkness.

I don't think I could have jumped into that car any faster. I began to re-account the tale of my journey to my mother, sister, and brother-in-law who had come to my rescue. We drove the 40 minutes through the desolate and black desert to arrive at the beautiful and seren Mayan Palace. The whole way there, I told them, I think I would have thought I was going to die had I gotten into that taxi.

We walked to our suite, where I finally got a drink and some very tasty dinner. The tears began to flood my eyes as the flavors of the chicken engulfed my pallet. Finally, I would cry.

In the end, I had gotten to my finally destination. Despite being nervous, ego-battered, and scared shitless! Although, the people of Phoenix and Puerto Penasco where extremely helpful and non-threatening, I couldn't help but to be so scared. Thinking back now, I can only be thankful that nothing bad happened. I’ll always use this experience and know I should always, always have a backup plan! And if anything, I hope this serves as a bit of entertainment and education for any traveler!

Post Thu Sep 13, 2007 2:12 pm 
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Yeah "White girl in Trouble!" doesn't work so well south of the border.
Post Sun Sep 16, 2007 12:08 pm 
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Mota is the spanish word for marijuana Rolling Eyes coulda seen that one coming
Post Wed Mar 05, 2008 10:26 pm 
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