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Topic: A little overview
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R. Barnes

My wife and I have been going to Puerto PeŮasco since the Ď80s, and we love it down there. Since Iíve been recently retired, I make it down there almost bi-monthly. I love to fish, and I think I could live almost exclusively on fresh fish. We went out on the pangas the first few times we were there. We always got fish, and we had a good time. I like to take my own boat though, for a number of reasons.
I like to troll sometimes and cast lures into bait boils and bodies of floating seaweed. Iíve caught several different species of game fish that way including sierra, pompano, and even dorado in the summertime. Usually, the panga guys want to go to a known reef or structure and bottom fish for as much meat as they can. Thatís fine if thatís what you want, but I like the variety, the sport, and I like to be self directed. I bottom fish too because I like to eat trigger fish and cabrilla. Sometimes I can even hang into a grouper. I never know what Iím going to come back with, and thatís the way I like it. You can even have your fish fileted at the launch area for five bucks or so.
Lots of times Iíll be wandering around out there looking for bait boils or structure, and I see dolphins and whales. They are still a wonder to me, and sometimes Iíll just cruise along a ways out from the pods taking pictures. Iíve had dolphins come right up to the boat and look us over while we were cruising. I even had one come up and break the transponder off with his nose, I guess because it was curious about the sonar. Iíll keep coming back, because I always see different things, and learn a little bit more every time.
Iíve never had an unsatisfactory meal in any of the restaurants, but I do have my favorites. Olaís on Benito Juarez on the way into town is a good place to have supper, Cocina Economica one Ave Campeche makes great economical breakfasts, and Reginaís in old port makes chile relleno poblano that is the best Iíve ever had. Weíve been staying at the Hotel Perla del Mar since they opened in Ď99. Itís modest, clean, economical, and the management is friendly and helpful. You get an air-conditioned room with a bed, a shower, vanity, and 24-hour security. Thereís a big communal kitchen on the courtyard where I usually make my morning coffee while Iím waiting for everyone else to get up. Iíve cooked up lots of fish in that kitchen, and the management will even set up a barbeque in the courtyard if you want. Thereís fancier places in town, but I live in a casino town, where I can stay in all of the fancy hotels I want for free. I go there to have fun in the sun, not hang out in hotels. The easiest way to find it is turn inland at the Pink Cadillac off of Matamoros where the night clubs are on Mirador beach. Itís only three blocks from the beach.
Sailing papers for your boat are pretty easy to get, and a yearís fishing license is economical. A lot of people will tell you they are not necessary, but I was stopped and checked once, and it is the law! Iíve had to have work done on my boat a few times, and Iíve found that Willyís at the boat yard on Mirador is the most dependable. They might charge you a little more than the local ďshade treeď guys, but theyíve always done everything right for me.
I plan on contributing to this board from time to time. Iíll probably have something to say about the actual fishing later, but I think being prepared and comfortable is an important part of any fishing trip.
Post Tue Mar 22, 2005 11:43 pm 
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No hay problema!

I love it down there too.

Enjoyed reading your report.

Post Mon Jun 20, 2005 7:30 pm 
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My boyfriend and I are from Pennsylvania and are coming to Rocky Point next week (7-26 to 8-1) for a vacation with my aunt who lives in Phoenix and owns a condo at the Princesa. This will be our 3rd trip there and we want to try out the fishing (we have a bass fishing boat and love to fish in Pa. & W.Va.) Can you suggest any good charters that would give us a great experience?
Thank you!
Stacy W. from Pittsburgh, Pa.
Post Mon Jul 18, 2005 3:04 pm 
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