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Topic: fishing trip
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lloyd robinette

Fishing trip, 1st week of June,05. Fishing on my boat "Arca de Noe" with Mike Auditore, Dennis Dermyer and Hap Balmis, we had one of those days to write home about. We made bait 8 miles out with aproximately 100 live mackerel. Out at 51 mile reef the action was instant and non stop for 2 hours. I couldn't get a line in the water for 30 minutes trying to take pictures , weighing fish and putting fish in the hold. Mike brought up a red snapper, 14 lbs; a black bass, 29 lb and loads of snapper in the 5lb to 10lb range. Mike was our fisherman of the day with the 1st fish, the biggest fish and the most fish.
Stewart Burnet on his boat about 50ft away caught a 99lb black for their biggest fish of the day.
A 3rd boat pulled up and was catching nice red snapper. As the bite was slowing down at the end of the day they got a monster hookup. The angler was unable to get the fish up. He started on the opposite side of his boat and the fish worked him around to our side. Dennis on out boat gets a monster hookup and starts working his fish. After a while both of these guys are looking at each other with their rods pointing at each other in a stand off. They realize they have the same fish. After discussing it back and forth Dennis releases his drag and the other angler boats a black in the 250 to 350lb range.
We have about 400 lbs of fish in our hold. Every body is estatic. We always end our day of fishing with taking fillets to "La Curva", one of our favorite resturants, where they prepare a fish feast for us.
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