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Rocky Point Event Calendar

Find out about the best events and most important holidays of the year in town!

Welcome to our calendar of events in Rocky Point. In this section you will find the dates on which the most relevant events in town take place and the ones on which the main holidays in both Mexico and the United States are celebrated.
Many of these events are already a tradition for visitors and locals; like the Rocky Point Triathlon at Las Palomas during the month of April or the Rocky Point Rally in November, just to mention a couple from a long list that take place throughout the whole year, and that of course you just can’t miss.
Likewise, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit Rocky Point to enjoy entire days of fun and relaxation at the wonderful Sea of Cortez during the holidays, long weekends and vacations we have during every season of the year. Get the best out of them!
If there’s an event we don’t have in this calendar and you would like to see here, let us know by sending an e-mail to info@puerto-penasco.com and we’ll gladly include it.


January 2015

January 1 Happy New Year 2015!
January 2 Mark Mulligan in the New Year @ The Caribbean Parrot
January 6 Epiphany Day
January 9 &10 1st Annual Rocky Point Rally Kings Day Toy Run
January 11 La Roca JC 4th Anniversary Mountain Bike Race – 44km @ El Pinacate
January 19 Martin Luther King Day  (USA)
January 23 & 24 2015 January Jam - Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers Concert
January 30 & 31 2015 Weddings & Quinceañeras Expo 

February 2015

February 2 Holiday for Commemoration of  Mexican Constitution Day (Long weekend)
February 5 Mexican Constitution Day
February 7 Mermaid’s Arts & Crafts Market @ The Shrimp Plaza
February 8 Realistic’s Car & Bike Show
February 14 Valentine’s Day
February 14 CBSC -7th Annual Golf Tournament @ Mayan Palace
February 15 Presidents Day Yard Sale @ Las Conchas
February 16 President’s Day  (US)
February 20 Mark Mulligan Trop Rock @ The Caribbean Parrot
February 20 Mauricio Díaz “Hueso” in concert @ the ITSPP Auditorium
February 21 Mermaid’s Arts & Crafts Market @ The Shrimp Plaza
February 24 Flag Day (MEX)
February 27 & 28 Sand Storm 300 Race – Southern Arizona Desert Racing

March 2015

March 7 Mermaid’s Market (crafts market) @  The Shrimp Plaza
March 7 & 8 Desert Dreams Car Club 6th Expo Car Show @ the Conventions Center 
March 7-15 Spring Break - ASU (USA) Book Now!
March 8 International Women's Day
March 14-22 Spring Break - U of A & NAU (USA) Book Now!
March 16 Holiday for Benito Juarez’s Birthday (MEX, long weekend) Book Now!
March 17 St. Patrick’s Day (USA) Book Now!
March 21 Beginning of Spring Season
March 21 Benito Juárez’s Birthday 
March 21 Mermaid’s Arts & Crafts Market @ The Shrimp Plaza
March 28 - April 5 Semana Santa / Holy Week (MEX) Spend your vacations in Rocky Point Book Now!
March 28 - April 12 Vacaciones escolares de Semana Santa / Holy Week school break (MEX) Book Now!
March 28 Over-the-Line Softball

April 2015

April 3 Good Friday (Holy Friday)
April 4 Mermaid’s Arts & Crafts Market @ The Shrimp Plaza
April 5 Easter Sunday
April 9-12 60th Annual CBSC Fishing Derby @ Cholla Bay
April 12 Toma Color Race (5k & 10k) For more information visit: TomaColorPuertoPenasco.org
April 18 Mermaid’s Arts & Crafts Market @ The Shrimp Plaza
April 18 CBSC Annual Horseshoe Tournament @ Cholla Bay
April 22 Earth Day (INT)
April 24 & 25 2015 Rocky Point Triathlon @ Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resorts
April 30 Children’s Day (MEX)

May 2015

May 1 Mexican Labor Day (MEX) International Worker’s Day (INT) Book Now!
May 2 & 3 Cinco de Mayo Regatta
May 3 El Golfo Run
May 5 Cinco de Mayo; Commemoration of Puebla Battle (MEX) 
May 7-10 60th Anniversary CBSC Fishing Derby @ Cholla Bay
May 10 Mother’s Day (USA & MEX) Book Now!
May 15 Teacher’s day (MEX)
May 15 & 16 Tequila 150 Race - Southern Arizona Desert Racing 
May 21-24 60th Anniversary CBSC Fishing Derby @ Cholla Bay
May 25 Memorial Day (USA) Long weekend Book Now!
May 25  Mermaid’s Arts & Crafts Market @ The Sonoran Spa Resort

June 2015

June 11-14 Circus Mexicus: Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, Live Concert Book Now!
June 13 Over-the-Line Softball
June 21 Father’s Day (USA & MEX)

July 2015

July 4 Independence Day (USA)
July 4 Mermaid’s Arts & Crafts Market @ The Sonoran Spa Resort

August 2015

August 28 Grandparents Day (MEX)

September 2015

September 7 Labor Day (USA) Long weekend Book Now!
September 7 Mermaid’s Arts & Crafts Market @ The Sonoran Spa Resort
September 16 México’s Independence Day (MEX)
September 25 & 26 Point to Point Race - The Long Way - Southern Arizona Desert Racing
September 26 Day of Organ Donation and Transplantation (MEX)

October 2015

October 10 & 11 Piñata Regatta
October 12 Columbus Day
October 17 Mermaid’s Arts & Crafts Market @ The Shrimp Plaza
October 22-25 2015 Uniting Nations Cup (Golf Tournament) @ Mayan Palace
October 24 Over-the-Line Softball
October 31 Halloween (USA)

November 2015

November 2 Day of the Dead (MEX)
November 7 Mermaid’s Arts & Crafts Market @ The Shrimp Plaza
November 11 Veterans Day (USA)
November 11-15 Rocky Point Rally 15th Anniversary
November 16 Holiday for commemoration of  Mexican Revolution (MEX) 
November 20 Anniversary of Mexican Revolution (MEX)
November 21 Mermaid’s Arts & Crafts Market @ The Shrimp Plaza
November 26 Thanksgiving Day (USA) Book Now!
November 27 Black Friday (USA)
November 30 Cyber Monday (USA)

December 2015

December 4 & 5 Cybermonday (INT)
December 5 Mermaid’s Arts & Crafts Market @ The Shrimp Plaza
December 12 Day of Virgin of Guadalupe (MEX)
December 19 Mermaid’s Arts & Crafts Market @ The Shrimp Plaza
December 24 Christmas Eve
December 25 Christmas 2015 
December 28 Day of the Holy Innocents (MEX)
December 31 New Year’s Eve 2016
Also every Tuesday you can Join the Cine Club at their weekly "Cinemartes" (Movie Tuesday) for a Free Movie show at Puerto Viejo Cafe.

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