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Photos of Puerto Penasco

Penasco Summer 2003: Summer 2003
Taken on the way down from Tucson into Penasco for a day trip, covers some of the sights on the way down, Penasco's streets, the beach, the ocean, etc.

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A US Border Patrol stop - they didn't want us shooting from too close - there's heavy USBP traffic patrolling the highways and backroads on the way down to the border, and post 9/11 the USBP has swelled its ranks, so these stops are all too common. Most of them are no more than a cursory check, but they'll do the random-search thing every now and then. If you're towing stuff, driving an RV, a big truck - expect greater scrutiny. Be nice to them. Every USBP I've ever met out there on the road has been bored as hell. :)

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