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Photos of Puerto Penasco

Puerto Penasco - The Drive Down
Taken on the way down (and back) to Puerto Penasco, April 2007

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IMG_4622_roadside_shrine_to_rocky_point_04 IMG_4623_roadside_shrine_to_rocky_point_05 IMG_4624_roadside_shrine_to_rocky_point_06 IMG_4625_blue_pipes_for_water IMG_4629_digging_the_trench
IMG_4630_blue_pipes_for_water IMG_4631_a_lonely_job IMG_4632_a_lonely_job IMG_4636_agua_for_the_masses IMG_4638_signs_approaching_town
IMG_4639_caborca_or_penasco IMG_4642_excesso_dimension IMG_4643_more_blue_pipes IMG_4644_more_blue_pipes IMG_5233_minimarket

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