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Puerto Penasco - The Drive Down / IMG_4610_bienvenidos_a_sonoyta

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A quick checkpoint at the Mexican border - where photos weren't totally encouraged :) - and it's Welcome to Sonoyta! Lots of people wonder what crossing the border into Mexico is like, so it's like this: You'll hit some speedbumps, and go down to a single lane, where there are a couple of Mexican border staff manning the road. They'll give you a visual once over and then either wave you on your way - or have you pull over for a further inspection. Don't let the bulletproof vests and sidearms freak you out - and they may pop the trunk and poke around your car, check out anything you're bringing in, but they're pretty nice guys about it and are more ofthen than not completely and totally bored out of their minds, just standing out in the sun, waving folks through. So, if they flag you for inspection - don't take it personal. See the customs page for more info ...

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