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Puerto Penasco - The Drive Down / IMG_4619_roadside_shrine_to_rocky_point_01

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About 30 miles out of Sonoyta, after some long quiet winding road through the barren - and beautiful - Sonoran desert reserve, you may see this small roadside shrine - it's right next to a rest area (area de descanso). If you've never visited Mexico or the southwest before, these shrines might seem a little out of place, but they're a pretty common sight. Some of them are akin to the same kind of roadside shrine you see in the US - namely, to mark the site of a previous accident. Others exist just as memorials to loved ones, and yet others are shrines placed for people on journeys, people asking for safe travel and safe returns.

Keep an eye open on your way down, and you'll see more of these shrines tucked away in strange little places - always with a few candles burning quietly away.

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