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Puerto Penasco - The Drive Down / IMG_5266_buen_viaje

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This one's actually taken on the way out of Sonoyta, headed north back towards the USA. The 'have a good trip' sign you see just before entering the US border checkpoint. If you've never crossed back into the USA, it's a little odd at first but a pretty standard process - you'll pass into a 4 or 5 lane customs entry point who will want to check you out before letting you back in. They'll check your car out and ask a couple of questions, check your citizenship, and make sure you're not bringing back anything prohibited, - which includes the usual things like too much liquor, fireworks, etc., but also some totally oddball things you wouldn't expect - things like non-pitted avocados (can't have the pits, which get insects in them), raw meats, etc. There's a pretty huge list posted on the way in that lists all the common problem items, but ask if you have any questions, ask. Again, see the customs page for more info.

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