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Photos of Puerto Penasco

Sonoran Sun
(courtesy of the Sonoran Sun)

In addition to the first batch of photos he sent in 2005, Roberto Gracida with the Sonoran Sun sent in some beautiful updated shots from 2006.

Here they are - Thanks Roberto!

Puerto_Penasco_Sonoran_Sun_SE61210 Puerto_Penasco_Sonoran_Sun_STA70014 Puerto_Penasco_Sonoran_Sun_STA70034 Puerto_Penasco_Sonoran_Sun_STA70037 Puerto_Penasco_Sonoran_Sun_STA70044
Pool, sea, sky Inside Outside Inside Night
Puerto_Penasco_Sonoran_Sun_STA70075 Puerto_Penasco_Sonoran_Sun_at_Night      
Balcony Night

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