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Las Palomas

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I have stayed at Las Palomas over a dozen times in the past and thought this beautiful resort would make a great location for a destination wedding. The condos are beautiful and the amenities are great, but the overall customer service leaves bitter taste. I spent over $5,000 there this past weekend, I booked 3 large condos for a group of 24 people, arranged my wedding ceremony on the beach in front of phase two, and had a large dinner in the Citron restaurant in the resort. The slow poor service and mediocre food in the restaurant was to be expected. Overall was a great weekend until it came time to check out. Over the years the customer service at this resort has gone downhill, each condo required a $150 refundable security deposit. One of the condos that put their security deposit down in cash and this resort seems to think that should be theirs and try to nitpick to keep every cent they can. Even though the condo comes with daily maid service we clean all the condos ourselves before checkout. At checkout the front desk told us that it would take 5-25 minutes for them to look over the room and provide us with our deposit back. 40 minutes later the front desk told us that 6 towels in the condo were stained and could never be used again and they were going to keep $92 of the security deposit to replace the towels. First these towels are very cheap white towels that are hard and scratchy; don’t hotels use white towels so they can bleach them? They told us they already tried to wash the towels and they were ruined, found it a little hard to believe they already washed them within those 40 minutes. We asked to speak to the manager (Ada) and it took her 1 hour to even come out to speak to us. Ada came out and talked to another group that were pissed about some pool towels they told them they didn’t return and would have to pay $180 (which they did return as proof on their towel card). Ada tried to ignore our group and go back into the back, our group had to raise their voice to get her to turn around and acknowledge us. We asked Ada to let us see these towels that are so called ruined, they brought them out and the towels had not even been washed yet like they said. The towels had some ladies makeup on them, have you ever gone to a hotel with a girl that hasn’t gotten makeup on a towel….that’s what bleach is for! Ana said she would have someone go bleach the towels to see if it comes out and took them to the back. She returned another 30 minutes later and said they were going to only keep $13 now instead of $92 that some of the stains came out. We asked to see the towels again to see if any towels really had any stains left, she told us the towels were under lock and key in the washer and the person with the key wasn’t around and we couldn’t see the towels. This was such a stupid ordeal that took over 2 hours and really showed the true colors of the management and staff of this resort. I really hope this review get’s to someone in the Las Palomas staff that can make changes a resolve the poor customer service. Over 6 cheap towels they lost 24 customers who would’ve been back prior to this incident. TRAVELERS BEWARE – YOU WILL GET NICKELED AND DIMED HERE!!!

Wonderful buffet!
My husband and I have eaten at the Citron Grill on many occasions, and we love the Sonoran Beef all you can eat buffet! Great atmosphere and pleasant staff. Beautiful spot on the beach to relax and enjoy the scenery.

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