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Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): Spring Break 2009

Are you ready for another exciting time in Rocky Point during Spring Break 2009 (Puerto Penasco)?

HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!!   It is time to get ready for some great fun and make your reservations for your Spring Break 2009 vacation as soon as possible....To make sure you find the desired accommodations on your favorite Rocky Point resort or Rocky Point hotel, you need to start planning now, the sooner the better.

 Rocky Point Spring Break 2009 Join us in 2009 in Puerto Penasco and join the fun.  Rocky Point Spring Break 2008 was a blast, 2009 will be even better.  As always, available rooms fill-up fast, so it is never too early to start planning your Spring Break Rocky Point 2009.  We can make all your reservations for you, click here to start or call us at  1-800-997-9431 .

It's almost that time again, Spring Break Rocky Point 2009.  VERY IMPORTANT for this year 2009, make sure you have your BIRTH CERTIFICATE AND YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE, this is REQUIRED to gain entry back into the USA.  If you have have a US Passport, then you are  set, you can use a passport in lieu of a drivers license and birth certificate. Getting your birth certificate is not a big deal, call your parents they probably have it on file!!! If not, get a copy of your birth certificate ASAP... It is only $10 (You can order it online, CLICK HERE!!). For US re-entry requirements, you can visit our passport page. This year, we are expecting approximately 80,000+ students from Arizona, California, Texas and New Mexico who pour into town to celebrate Spring Break Rocky Point. It's a huge party, and gets bigger every year, and 2009 will be no exception.

Spring Break Dates for some Universities:

ASU (Arizona State University): March 7th - March 15th (2009)

U of A (University of Arizona): March 14th - March 22nd (2009)

NAU (Northern Arizona University): March 14th - March 22nd (2009)

San Diego State University: March 30th - April 3rd (2009)

University of New Mexico: March 14th - March 22nd (2009)

New Mexico State: March 14th - March 22nd (2009)

 Quick links:

  • To get a copy of your birth certificate, click here.
  • If you need to book a hotel or condo online, click here. Just a heads up, MOST resorts are going to require that you are 25 years old and this policy is strictly enforced. You can get away with more at the hotels, we mean lower age limits of course.... Check out our special SPRING BREAK bookings page which tells you age restrictions at each hotel.
  • If you're driving to Penasco and need to buy Mexican car insurance, click here to learn more.  You can get your Mexican Auto Insurance online and print it out before you leave. 
  • If you need to rent a car to drive to Puerto Peñasco, click here   
  • Words of Advice

    During Spring Break a whole cottage industry of travel agents, hoteliers, and transport services spring into action to accommodate the thousands of Spring Breakers. The vast majority of these businesses are honest people. Some of them, however, are 100% ripoff artists, like the people that run fake hotel booking scams, or book nonexistent flights and hotels. We can make your Rocky Point reservations for you and take all the guess work out of the equation.  We have been online and booking reservations for Spring break Rocky Point since 1990. 

    For all Spring Break students, we provide the following advice:

  • Always book your rooms by credit card - ALWAYS. Never deal in cash or check only.
  • Always call and confirm your reservations ahead of time.  When you book with us, you will be able to print your confirmation and take it with you. 
  • Travel in groups, and always have a second line of communication. If you'd like to see if your cellphone works in Puerto Penasco, click here.
  • Always do business with reputable, established businesses - beware of 'fly by night' operations.  Again, we have been booking Rocky Point Spring break trips since 1990, so play it safe and let us hook you up.
  • As in previous years, the local police really step up their enforcement over Spring Break, and 2009 is no exception - so have a good time, but be on your best behavior, folks. Spring Break tends to suck if you spend it in the drunk tank of a Mexican jail.  If you go there to have a good time with your friends and treat everyone with respect, you are left alone to have FUN.

    Also - if you're using your credit card while in Mexico, be prepared that your issuing credit card company may add on a nice little 'Currency conversion' fee of about 3 to 4%. Check this Currency conversion costs chart out to see if your bank does, and consider just using cash when you are buying food, drinks, etc. It'll save you in the long run.

    Spring Break in Rocky Point is AWESOME!  Do not delay in making your reservations, rooms fill-up fast!