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September 11, 2006
Puerto Penasco Freelancer reporter and videographer Adam Klawonn from thezoniereport.org writes in with new coverage about the ongoing dispute re: CEDO and the Las Fuentes Del Mar project.

Adam attended this weekend's Las Conchas homeowner's association meeting and sent me this article, titled 'Fuentes del Mar project faces more snags', which covers a lot of the happenings since the last update.

Adam has been covering the issue since it first began, and is now supplementing his reports with video as well.

Quoting from the article:

Representatives for the developer, Clifton-Meridian of Scottsdale, Ariz., were told by their lawyers not to attend. But so many Las Conchas residents showed up that the neighborhood reserved a hotel ballroom downtown.

They learned more legal snags could tie the Fuentes del Mar project up for up to three years. Regardless of whether those are unraveled soon, residents say the development has polarized their quaint beachfront retreat...

Also mentioned in this story is a four page response from Patrick Clifton/Clifton Meridian - 'a four-page letter that appeared nearly word-for-word in a posting on CEDO's online petition' - that I have mirrored here, for those that are interested in its content.

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