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Archive for July, 2007

Puerto Penasco This might be the Rocky Point article to end all Rocky Point articles...

Zoniereport.com founder, journalist, media guru, and all-around good guy Adam Klawonn just emailed me to let me know that he has created what has to be the ultimate combination of interviewee and topic, ever: An exclusive talk with Roger Clyne (yes, that Roger Clyne) on development and growth in Puerto Peñasco.

It's called "He put the 'Rock' in Rocky Point, Mexico".

You've got to check this out - he's just posted the article and many, many, many audio files over at zoniereport.com.


Check out this one very interesting tidbit from azstarnet.com's 'Napolitano in Mexico to discuss ways AZ and Sonora can partner economically'
If we look at the size of the population in the U.S. and in the state of Arizona that is reaching retirement age, we can see that, in Sonora, this offers an opportunity to offer them quality services," he (Bours) said.

Carlos Slim, who may now be the world's richest man, noted the sharply increased costs of health care in the United States, much of that borne by the federal government in Medicare costs. Slim, who owns Telefonos de Mexico, said that presents an opportunity for Mexico to become a place where retirees can come to get medical care at a much lower cost.

But that, said Slim, will require getting Medicare to cover medical procedures done in Mexico.

"I've read that many retirees are going to Singapore to get their health treatment because they save about 80 percent in health care costs," Slim said.

"This would help the U.S. in its financial situation."

Is medical tourism aimed at the U.S. market poised to be the next huge wave in Mexico? I know the dentists are already doing a pretty killer business, and with lots of current attention focued on the U.S. healthcare system's shortcoming it certainly looks like some folks are betting on it.

p.s. don't forget to check out Jim Nintzel's "Time and tide wait for no hombre in the ever-growing village of Rocky Point" over at the Tucson Weekly.

(... somewhere over at the Weekly there's a very happy headline writer, proud of themselves for that one ...)

The Las Palomas beach and golf resort in Rocky Point, Mexico has announced that it will break ground in short order on a planned World class spa facility.
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At this point I think I've given up on posting anything less than a thousand words per update. If this keeps up I'm going to have to hire an editor or something. So let's get to it:

New Issue of De Frente posted
The newest De Frente post went up two days ago - check it out:

  • Officials Ask For Sonoyta/Lukeville Border Expansion
  • Access To Beaches - Disorder And Leniency
  • Strangers In Their Own Land - Puerto Penasco has bitter similarities with Cabo San Lucas
  • The P.R.D. Supports The U.N.T. During Conflict
  • New Charity/Giving page

    Puerto Peñasco's certainly coming into its own, but as many of you know, the income gap in Mexico is still a stark and painful reality. I field a decent amount of email from people asking where they can donate to various causes that would help out in Puerto Peñasco, and I've started consolidating this information on this charity/giving page.

    This list, however, is not complete - If you know of other charitable opportunities in Puerto Peñasco, please contact me at info@puerto-penasco.com so I can get their information listed as well.

    Will Seberger Takes Awesome Photos Rocky Point

    Friend and fellow web-monkey Will Seberger sent me a couple of his latest photos from Puerto Peñasco, shown here. With any luck he'll be posting some more somewhere over on willseberger.com sometime soon.

    You might remember a couple of Will's other photos, from this photo set, where he did some amazing time-lapse shots of the stars from the beach out in Playa Encanto. Great stuff. Makes me kinda wish I knew something about photography, but I have enough expensive hobbies as it is ...

    Rocky Point Mexico Will is getting down to Puerto Peñasco more and more these days, so I'm looking forward to seeing everything he shoots. Again, he's got a photoblog going over at willseberger.com, so keep an eye on it.

    Salvago Mexico, Alliant Energy, and Laguna Del Mar
    There are about sixteen billion news mentions, blog posts, and various links that detail the final sale of Laguna Del Mar from Wisconsin-based Alliant Energy to Spain-based Salvago Mexico. They're all more or less a rehash of the same press release - (except for this story, which is by far the best writeup on the whole thing) - but here's the important bit:
    "Alliant said the sale of the Laguna Del Mar property to a group formed by Salvago Mexico brought it net proceeds of about $65 million."
    I've been following the Laguna Del Mar story for a long time. Now that it has changed hands - and into some very interesting hands, at that - it'll be interesting to see what happens with the property and the LDM golf course from here on out.

    Update: This Forbes.com story says that Iberdrola SA acquired its 35% share of Laguna Del Mar for 43.12m EUR - about $58.7 million dollars. Assuming the other shareholders paid the same rate, that makes the est. selling price for Laguna Del Mar something along the lines of $172 million (USD).

    The Laguna Del Mar project near Rocky Point has been sold, will the new ownership spark a resurgence of the project?
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