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Archive for October, 2007

The new International Airport in Rocky Point is now taking flights. This is big news for the future growth of Puerto Penasco, aka Rocky Point.
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From the Arizona Daily Star's "Lukeville will ease re-entry from Mexico":

Vacationers returning from Mexico through the Lukeville Port of Entry will catch a break starting this weekend.

Every Sunday and Monday, recreational vehicles and those towing trailers will be directed into the commercial truck lane to help ease the congestion that has plagued the port for years.

Mexican officials will sperate and direct traffic prior to entering the port, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials announced in a press release today.

Here's the whole article, and here's the release from U.S. Customs and Border Patrol.

This is a good step forward. Extending the available crossing hours on weekends would be the next logical step, but probably harder to pull off since it involves manpower and additional shifts on each side of the border ...

(p.s. Every news story is better when there's a little lucha libre action in it)

p.s. Weekly Fishing Column: Mexican trip is now convenient

From today's New York Times

Published: October 21, 2007

Rocky Point Mexico United States border agents have stepped up scrutiny of Americans returning home from Mexico, slowing commerce and creating delays at border crossings not seen since the months after the Sept. 11 attacks.

The increased enforcement is in part a dress rehearsal for new rules, scheduled to take effect in January, that will require Americans to show a passport or other proof of citizenship to enter the United States. The requirements were approved by Congress as part of antiterrorism legislation in 2004.

Border officials said agents along the southern border were asking more returning United States citizens to show a photo identity document. At the same time, agents are increasing the frequency of what they call queries, where they check a traveler’s information against law enforcement, immigration and antiterror databases.

Here's the whole article.

I just wrapped up posting the new edition of De Frente Puerto Penasco and I have to tell you, it's a good one.

'Why is that?', you ask? Just take a peek:

  • Authorities Making Public Awareness Push To Fight Extortion
  • 'United Businessmen For Puerto Penasco' In Talks With Security Director
  • In The Opinion Of Armando Guzman, Famous Correspondent Of Telemundo In Washington
  • A List Of The Names Of Municipal Workers And Their Duties Is Requested
  • Johnathan Is Alive Today Because Of His Mother's Kidney
  • Freysa Casandra had the honor of accompanying Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • The "Charro De Mexico" Makes Puerto Peñasco Sing
  • There are some gems in this edition, folks - enjoy. And support De Frente!

    Puerto Peñasco Enters A New Era on October 30th

    Puerto Penasco is about to turn a huge corner, one that represents a step towards a whole new level.

    Rocky Point On October 30th, Aeromexico is starting it's first flights from L.A. International airport direct to Puerto Peñasco.

    The combined forces of commercial US-to-Peñasco airflights - and the fact that it's opening up a direct Southern Californian pipeline into Puerto Penasco - that speak volumes about the future. I was planning on making some kind of joke here about how we're now importing amped-up LA power-mover types, instead of the usual crop of laid back Arizonans, but ... it's just too easy.

    A little more detail: From the Press Enterprise

    During negotiations, representatives with the airline said they expected to fly a 33-seat plane three times a week between Southern California and Puerto Penasco.

    There's a promotional video online at Youtube ...

    (10.22.2007 - noon - corrected the inaugural flight date as per an email from an Aeromexico rep. One way from LAX to PPE on October 30th is showing as $160. Flights depart Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.)

    Here's an interesting tidbit: Puerto Peñasco's being eyed as a potential plant site for algae-related biofuel production.

    I have absolutely no idea how this works, but it has something to do with using algae to help make biodiesel. Apparently you need a whole lot of algae, and somewhere to grow it.

    Rocky Point Mexico From Biodiesel Magazine:

    PetroSun has announced plans to build algae farms and oil extraction plants in Alabama, Louisiana, California, Mexico and Australia. The company plans to extract oil from algae for sale to existing biodiesel refiners.

    PetroSun has completed an agreement with Grupo Santa Maria to provide consulting for its initial production facilities in Mexico. ... The two companies will focus their initial efforts in the state of Sonora, identifying sites for algae farms and extraction plants near the cities of Hermosillo, Guaymas and Puerto Peñasco.

    Here's some more info, from a press release. Petrosun's headquartered in Scottsdale, so it's only a short hop away from Puerto Peñasco. Seems like a good fit to me.

    Also, unrelated but interesting - Bomberos Without Borders from the Santa Barbara Independent:
    Herb McElwee is an ambulance chaser, and he not only admits it, but he’s very proud of it.

    The former Montecito Fire District Fire Chief says ... he has been in hot pursuit of ambulances, along with fire trucks, fire hoses, or any other kind of fire equipment that might be heading into retirement. Once targeted, McElwee rescues the out-of-commission apparatus, and then arranges for it to be donated to communities in Mexico.

    On vacation in the small fishing village of Puerto Penasco in the Mexican state of Sonora, McElwee visited the local fire station. He was taken back by what he saw. “They had nothing,” he said. “I knew right then it would be a nice gesture to try to help them out.”

    On his return from vacation, McElwee went to work to arrange for a retired Montecito Fire District fire engine to be donated to Puerto Penasco. Later, a second truck was delivered with nearly heroic results. During a restaurant fire, the second truck enabled the Puerto Penasco fire department to swiftly contain the fire.

    Here's the whole article.

    Later in the story, it is noted that McElwee is seeking some funds for a new truck purchase - I've dropped him an email to see what I can do re: sending some intetested folks his way.

    There have been a couple of threads running through my mind recently, and I'd like to share them with you here. Mainly, Puerto Penasco - and Mexico - has been all over the news lately, so I'd like to zero in on some things.

    First, the border governor's conference was all over the news lately, and while most of the US coverage zeroed in on Arnold Schwarzenegger, they completely skipped over the comments made by Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Thankfully, some of Calderon's remarks were highlighted in the recent De Frente article, "Governors And President Meet On Border Issues".

    From the article:

    The United States economy is highly intensive in capital, while the Mexican economy is intensive in its labor force. The USA will have in the next 6 years almost 70 million retired people, and Mexico, on the other hand, is a young country where most of its population is under the age of 30, and will stay that way for a long time.

    That means that, to keep a sustained economic growth, Mexico needs as much investment as possible and, on the other hand, the United States needs for its own benefit - let's say it clearly - Mexican labor force to sustain and improve its economic performance.

    This was just a brief sample. I'm still trying to get ahold of his speeches. Speaking of which, only two of the participating governors have posted their Border Governor's conference comments to the web so far, but I'd like to point them out here.

  • Governor Schwarzenegger's comments, video (Day 1)
  • More of Governor Schwarzenegger's comments, video (Day 2)
  • Joint Declaration (it may look dry, but there's some interesting points in here)
  • Texas Governor Rick Perry's closing speech
  • So, combine that with former president Vicente Fox's recent appearance on Larry King Live. He crams a lot of hits into 13 minutes. Larry pings him on referring to President Bush as "the cockiest guy I have ever met" and a "windshield cowboy", and Vicente Fox also briefly mentions the far-off possibility of a 'North American currency'. (Oddly enough, it was that last bit that got all the attention ...)

    CNN has the whole 13-minute interview available on their streaming site, if you'd like to see it. Just click the image below, (and sit through the commercial they front-load on the thing for 30 seconds).

    Puerto Penasco
    And, of course, if you'd rather have local news, be sure to check out the new
    De Frente:
  • Governors And President Meet On Border Issues
  • Local Businessmen Acknowledge Success Of Governor's Conference
  • Surveillance And Security Increased For Governor's Conference
  • Table Dances, Table Dances, Table Dances. Also: Table Dances

  • From Sea turtle return to Rocky Point has hopes on the rise, in this morning's Arizona Daily Star

    An endangered sea turtle, pushing the northern boundaries of her species' range, buried dozens of eggs on a Puerto Penasco beach, headed back out to sea, and left wildlife authorities in Mexico with a problem.

    The Olive Ridley sea turtle, a rare visitor in the north end of the Sea of Cortez, is considered endangered in Mexico and threatened in some other areas.

    And a clutch of eggs deposited by another Olive Ridley on a nearby Puerto Penasco beach last year failed to hatch, said Alejandro Castillo, a biologist at the Centro Intercultural de Estudios de Desiertos y Oceanos (the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans), better known as CEDO.


    In this year's case, Castillo said, the manager of the beachfront Hotel Playa Bonita called CEDO the morning of Sept. 21 when residents reported seeing the sea turtle depositing eggs. Castillo arrived in time to see some of the eggs being laid, and realized they were also probably too far below the high water line to survive.

    But because the Olive Ridley sea turtle is listed as endangered in Mexico, Castillo said, he could not move the eggs to higher ground. He called a federal government wildlife biologist who came up from Guadalajara to investigate.

    Meanwhile, Castillo said, the residents marked the location of the buried eggs and tried to keep people out of the area.

    He said the federal wildlife biologist chose to move the 70-some eggs to the Mayan Palace resort hotel, about 25 miles south of downtown Puerto Peñasco, commonly called Rocky Point, the popular Sonoran beach town about a four-hour drive southwest of Tucson. The new luxury resort has a staff biologist and a wildlife protection program for seabirds.