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  • Ecology and Fun


    CEDO: Centro Intercultural de Estudios de Desiertos y Oceanos in Rocky Point. Email: cedointercultural@prodigy.net.mx Website: www.cedointercultural.org

    Address: Las Conchas, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora
    Phone: (638) 382-0113

    Pinacate Biosphere Reserve Conservation

    El Pinacate is a natural protected reservation in Rocky Point.

    Address: US Mail: Fundacion para la conservacion del Pinacate A.C P.O Box 745 Ajo, Az
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  • Electric Company


    C.F.E is the only electricity provider in Rocky Point. Website:www.cfe.gob.mx

    Address: Ave. Constitucion #37, Col Puerto Peñasco Centro, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora
    Phone: (638) 383 2492
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  • Electric Supplies

    Electrica Veel

    Electrica Veel offers all kinds of electric supplies. Email: eleveel@prodigy.net.mx

    Address: Francisco y Madero #125, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora
    Phone: (638) 383-3105, (638) 383-5105

    Electrica Diaz

    Electrica Diaz offers electric supplies in Rocky Point. Website: www.electricadiaz.com.mx

    Address: Blvd. Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez y Cjon. Rio Suchiate, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora
    Phone: (638) 102-0022, (638) 102-0021
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  • Electrician

    Jorge Encinas

    Jorge Encinas offers his services of electrician in Rocky Point.

    Address: Ave. De Los Rios Calle Melchor Ocampo, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora
    Phone: (638) 107-7291

    Electrisista & Plomero Express

    Electrisista & Plomero Express offers at home electric services and also plumbing services in Rocky Point. Email: plomeroexpress@hotmail.com

    Phone: (638) 383-0107
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  • Electronic-equipment & Accessories

    Universal Proveedera

    Universal Proveedera offers electronics in Rocky Point.

    Address: Nicolas Bravo y Francisco I. Madero #2, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora
    Phone: (638) 383-5601
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  • Emergency Information


    The Red-cross offers emergency service in Rocky Point.

    Address: Blvd. Fremont, Puerto Peñasco, Sonora
    Phone: (638) 383-2266

    Fire Department

    Fire Department of Rocky Point

    Phone: (638) 383-2828

    Green Angels

    The Green Angels provide help for accidents in the Rocky Point area.

    Phone: Emergency dial: 078; 060 (638) 383-2626
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  • Engines-marines

    Motores Marinos y Servicio Limon

    Motores Marinos offers boat constructing and motors in Rocky Point.

    Address: Calle Recinto Portuario S/N Puerto Peñasco, Sonora
    Phone: (638) 383-2333
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  • Entertainment

    Payasitas Mapy's

    Payasitas Mapy's offers clown entertainment in Rocky Point. Email: mcgx33@hotmail.com

    Phone: (638) 383 8989,(638) 1092157
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  • Esthetician Services

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