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Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco): News

Read about the latest news about Rocky Point Mexico (Puerto Penasco)

You will probably already know that the entrance to Puerto Peñasco will be open starting June 16th, only if you have a reservation.

The guest will be asked for a printed confirmation letter, this letter has to be from a certified property, in this case Casago, if you do not receive this confirmation letter please let me know so i can send this to you (for each reservation) this is something requested by the city hall and OCV.

For each reservation we are being asked the names of all those who will be staying in the condominium, please get the names of each of your pending reservations to come, and send me this information (This information is needed at least 1 day before check in). This complete information is needed for guests to enter the sanitary control point at the entrance to the City. They will each be asked to show a valid ID.

Starting now this information will be requested when making a new reservation and added to the notes.

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This are the latest News on Flights to Rocky Point Mexico with TAR Airline flying from Tijuana, Hermosillo and CD Juarez more destinations coming soon to Puerto Penasco.
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Is it Safe to travel to Rocky Point 2016, we can assure you there is nothing to worry about. I have lived here for many years and haven't had any trouble.
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Rocky Point Rally 2015 Schedule for the biggest Motorcycle this side of the Border. This is the 15th Anniversary of the Rocky Point Bike Rally in Puerto Penasco, Sonora, Mexico.
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Day of the Dead can sound like a somber or sad Holiday, but in Rocky Point and all of Mexico is more of a party to celebrate the life of those who have passed a way. This festivities is celebrated November 2nd in every Cemetery in Mexico.
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Video of a drone flying around the most popular Resorts & Hotels at the Sandy Beach in Rocky Point, Mexico or Better know by the locals as Puerto Penasco, Sonora.
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As you know, Cinco de Mayo is not really celebrated in Mexico or should I say never use to be. Times have changed and more and more people are coming down to Puerto Penasco to have a great time.
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This weekend in Puerto Penasco it was beautiful weather again, with sun, sun and more sun. A gentle breeze from the south and about 85 during the day. Cools off at night, so it is windows open and the ceiling fan on.
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Is finally here! He have been updating about a possible flight from Arizona to Rocky Point, Mexico for a few months now, and we are happily to announce that the project is finally becoming a reality.
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Update on flights to Rocky Point information

Even though the flight to Rocky Point has not materialized yet, we are working very closely with the Mar de Cortes International Airport to get you the latest information on this subject. Moreover, they assure us that the negotiations have continued and will not rest until they succeed at starting operations of a flight to this destination.
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Is that of the Years when whales come back to Rocky Point, every year is different but from around November and sometimes until up to mid May is what you can call whale Season in Rocky Point, Mexico.
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The Holidays are here if you are spending the Holidays o a few days in Rocky Point in this December this are the events happening all over town
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Las Palomas Specials for the Rocky Point Bike Rally 2014, 3 night stays for the price of 2 in any condo in Las Palomas offer just available from October 27 to November 10
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New 2014 flights to Rocky Point, Mexico flying out from Phoenix, Arizona. Directly from Scottsdale Airport (SDL) Fridays and Sundays. Just one hour to Rocky Point. Schedule: Scottsdale Airport (SDL) – Mar de Cortes International - Friday 14:00 Hrs. Mar de Cortes International – Scottsdale Airport (SDL) – Sunday 15:30 Hrs.
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Penasco Beauty Center in Rocky Point, Mexico. A video interview about Penasco Beauty Center with a few Clients and the owner Kit Anderson. Penasco Beauty Center is the one stop shop for all your beauty needs.
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Live Music Event in Rocky Point, Mexico this 4th of July Weekend at Hotel Playa Bonita with Band from Arizona like The Hourglass Cats, Clairevoyant and Ruca. Show starts at 4pm
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Tattoos have become increasingly popular among both young and old males and females. Rocky Point offers a variety of different tattoos (both permanent and henna) that its visitors can choose from. Read more to learn about the different parlors in town and what Rocky Point has to offer tattoo enthusiasts.

Rocky Point officially broke ground on December 10th 2013 for their Home Port. This Home Port will allow for cruise ships to finally dock in Rocky Point and bring a fresh influx of both national and international tourism to this wonderful town.

As we all now Rocky Points roads are struggling! Thankfully Mayor Gerardo Figueroa Zazueta has decided to start rebuilding the Rocky Point road infrastructure. Read more about this awesome initiative that is going to benefit not only the community, but also the tourist market as well.

This is a great article about some homemade lipsticks that you can wear to the beach and also take and where with you anywhere you go. It's a very simple recipe that takes only a few minutes to make.

If you are planing on visiting Rocky Point between the months of February & Mid-May, you have to plan ahead and make some space between Happy Hour and sun bathing to take a tour Whale watching with Eco Fun. This is one in a lifetime experience in. The trip is every weekend and most Fridays the boat leaves at 2PM from the Old Port Marina with a price of $25 dlls if you reserve in advance and $30usd the day of the trip. Don't forget to get there at least 30 minutes before the departure. This trip includes an open bar, snacks and full meal provided by Eco Fun Rentals.
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What is Taste of Peñasco?, When and where will it take place this year?, Who benefits from the event?, Where do I get tickets, past winners and all the information you need to know about "Taste of Peñasco".
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These next couple months are a very exciting time in Rocky Point. Even with Fall right around the corner, it is one of the best times to come to Rocky Point and enjoy all the upcoming events and amazing weather. With events such as the Dirty Beach Mud Run, Dia De Los Muertos Volleyball Tournament, and the 13th Annual Rocky Point Rally, October and November are some of the best months to enjoy a Rocky Point Beach Vacation.

Manny's Beach Club a City Icon in the heart of the Mirador. Manny's is a beach front restaurant and bar that has become a legendary Party Spot specially on Spring Break since 1983.
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This past Monday, August 12th was the final session of a 6 session program offered by the Secretary of Tourism. After taking this course a business is able to receive a Distintivo M certification and has completed a course that is proven to have a positive impact on the tourism destination your business operates in. Mexicor Reservations completed this course along with 24 other local business, read more to learn about the course.

We wanted to give all of our customers and future customers some updated information about the border and some of the specific items and regulations when going from USA to Mexico and back. There is also a great new way to access this information on the go by simply scanning a code with your iPhone. Check out this post to see the code and find out some new info on border crossing!

Sometimes it's hard to go on vacation to a new place that you don't know much about! If you are planning on coming down to Rocky Point for your first time don't stress, we have put together a full list of Rocky Point guide's that got you covered from A-Z. From finding something to do on the beach to planning where you want to eat for dinner you can find it all in one of the guides we have provided for you here! Check it out!

Looking to come to Rocky Point, but live a little too far away to drive? Aeromexico added 2 brand new flights; routes from Las Vegas to Rocky Point and back and also flights from Hermosillo to Rocky Point and back. Be sure to reserve your spot early because the planes only have 50 spots! Check out the article to find out when the flights are scheduled.

Finally an option to have your pet near by while vacationing in Rocky Point. Rocky Pet just opened and has alll the services you are used to get in a Vet or Hospital in the States. Pet Boarding, Grooming, Dog Walking, Doggie Day Care call 480 823 4341 for reservations or email rockypointpethotel@gmail.com Check our blog about Rock Pet Hotel and Spa
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When visiting Rocky Point we highly reccommend to take the Tequila Factory Tour, you'll have fun and won't regret this experience as it is totally worth the while. You can spend a great time listening to expert Fernando talking about the origins of tequila and of course tasting different types of tequila aging and its flavours. If you want to learn more about the amazing experience we had, visit our blog Tequila 1, 2, 3!
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