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Flights to Rocky Point: Update

January 26, 2015
Update on flights to Rocky Point information

We really appreciate all the comments and requests we have received since our post on September 1, 2014.

Even though the flight to Rocky Point has not materialized yet, we are working very closely with the Mar de Cortes International Airport to get you the latest information on this subject. Moreover, they assure us that the negotiations have continued and will not rest until they succeed at starting operations of a flight to this destination.

The latest report indicates that the flight will operate directly from Scottsdale Airport to Puerto Peñasco, and the same way around on the return flight, avoiding the stopover in Tucson. So, for those wondering if they could be dropped off in Tucson (we received some requests), this won´t be possible.

Also, there has been a lot of expectation regarding the price of the round trip on this flight; all we can say is that it will be around $350 US Dollars, including taxes.

We will keep you updated...

Thank you,

Puerto-Penasco.com Staff

Puerto-Penasco Staff www.puerto-penasco.com Written by Puerto Penasco Staff
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