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New Edition of De Frente contains great articles, stunning honesty from Armando Guzman ...

October 21, 2007

I just wrapped up posting the new edition of De Frente Puerto Penasco and I have to tell you, it's a good one.

'Why is that?', you ask? Just take a peek:

  • Authorities Making Public Awareness Push To Fight Extortion
  • 'United Businessmen For Puerto Penasco' In Talks With Security Director
  • In The Opinion Of Armando Guzman, Famous Correspondent Of Telemundo In Washington
  • A List Of The Names Of Municipal Workers And Their Duties Is Requested
  • Johnathan Is Alive Today Because Of His Mother's Kidney
  • Freysa Casandra had the honor of accompanying Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • The "Charro De Mexico" Makes Puerto Peñasco Sing
  • There are some gems in this edition, folks - enjoy. And support De Frente!

    Puerto Peñasco Enters A New Era on October 30th

    Puerto Penasco is about to turn a huge corner, one that represents a step towards a whole new level.

    Rocky Point On October 30th, Aeromexico is starting it's first flights from L.A. International airport direct to Puerto Peñasco.

    The combined forces of commercial US-to-Peñasco airflights - and the fact that it's opening up a direct Southern Californian pipeline into Puerto Penasco - that speak volumes about the future. I was planning on making some kind of joke here about how we're now importing amped-up LA power-mover types, instead of the usual crop of laid back Arizonans, but ... it's just too easy.

    A little more detail: From the Press Enterprise

    During negotiations, representatives with the airline said they expected to fly a 33-seat plane three times a week between Southern California and Puerto Penasco.

    There's a promotional video online at Youtube ...

    (10.22.2007 - noon - corrected the inaugural flight date as per an email from an Aeromexico rep. One way from LAX to PPE on October 30th is showing as $160. Flights depart Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.)

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